What is Heart Connections?
Heart Connections is a group of people from many nations who are on a journey together to experience joy, wholeness, transformation and fulfillment as they discover their God-given Design and experience Spirit to Spirit and Heart to Heart connection in community.

What Do We Believe?
At Heart Connections Project, we believe that God has placed treasures in our human spirit which is our true identity. He wants to empower us to discover, explore and develop the capabilities of the inner person of our hearts which is our human spirit in order to bring us into the joy of spirit-led living through our spirit to Spirit connection with Him and others in community to open greater possibilities for healing, and wholeness.

How Do We Do This?
One of the best ways to strengthen and grow the capacity of our spirit is by speaking, reading and receiving blessings custom-tailored to the design of our spirit according to the outline of the seven "Motivational Gifts" given by God in Romans chapter 12.

While "Speaking Blessings" and the "Seven Redemptive Gifts" are familiar to a fairly large community in the Body of Christ, we are going further by bringing healing to people's hearts, which God tells us is the "wellspring of our life".

Our heart is often burdened by false beliefs that hinder faith. Through our spirit, we open our heart to know Jesus intimately and build community with him and with fellow believers.

People who come to our weekly Cafes have had some exposure to these topics through friends or may just have the sense that there is "something more" God has intended for them that they have not been experiencing. They are people who are adventurous and want to explore more about their life with God and others in community. They may have heard about "Blessing the Spirit" or the ministry of "Speaking Blessings".

What Is Heart Connections Cafe?
A safe place to connect your heart to the heart of Jesus and others in community to experience joy, wholeness, transformation and fulfillment.

What will we Experience Together in Community?
  • Our true identity – discovery of the hidden person of our heart – our spirit
  • Access to the treasures God has put in us
  • Growth in our capacity to thrive as we experience blessing and nurturing of our spirit through relationships
  • Empowerment to live out of our God-given design to experience  true fulfillment